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38 Eland Street, koedoespoort, Pretoria


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Taljar Services is a specialist distributor of a unique range of products under The WINCUT brand.

We distribute our WINCUT brand throughout Southern Africa, via our Network of, agents, distributors, agricultural retail stores and other Leading hardware and garden centre outlets.

Some of our products are very versatile and is used by your DIY Enthusiast, garden services professionals, landscapers, through to the Citrus, grape, and avocado farming industry.

We are also the proud sole distributor in Southern Africa of two Australian designed products, Namely the POWERKUT MKIV Heavy duty ratchet pruner and ratchet POWERLOPPER, With its new stronger arms and revolutionary 5:1 cutting action.

Taljar Services carries spares for most of its WINCUT products.

Services and repairs are carried out at our offices in Koedoespoort Pretoria.

We do not supply direct to the public. Please contact us for a retail store near you.

Company Overview

Taljar Services was incorporated into P and S Timber and Iron CC in March 2009.

RATCHET PRUNERS AND LOPPERS – The ratcheting action does most of the work for you.

ONE HAND PRUNERS AND GRASS SHEARS– Used by the DIY enthusiast to grape farmers.

SPECIALISED PRUNERS – Avo, citrus pickers and bonsai shears available.

HEDGE SHEARS – Three quality hedge shears to choose from.

HEAVY DUTY LOPPERS – Compound, ratchet, by-pass or anvil we got the one for you.

FOLDING SAWS –Two to choose from.  

KNIFES – We have a range of Grafting, Pruning and Banana Knifes.

TREE PRUNERS – Two or four pulley, with steel or fibreglass telescopic poles.

LONG REACH PRUNERS – Telescopic or standard 1530mm long.

SHARPENERS – A range to choose from, to sharpen most blades.

Products under the WINCUT umbrella include.

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